Don’t Leave Your Skin Care Needs Out In The Cold This Winter!

It’s that time of year when we crank up the heat and retreat indoors to escape the cold temperatures. Just like you need a different wardrobe to stay comfortable in the winter, your skin needs some extra help to stay healthy when the temperature drops…

Here are 8 great tips for keeping your skin healthy and fresh this season:

  1. Turn your heat down, in the car and at home. Conserve on your utilities while keeping your skin more hydrated. The artificial heat sucks moisture from the air and our skin, so keep your heaters at the recommended 68 degrees and feel comfortable.
  2. Emulsion Emulsion Emulsion Those of you who use this Cosmedix product Know! This perfect blend of jojoba and Shea butters, mixed with antioxidants and liquid Crystal formulation, intensely hydrates the skin. I always like to add moisture and hydration in the winter. Affirm cocktailed with Emulsion is an excellent combination.
  3. Keep a bottle of mystic at your desk or in your car. Mystic utilizes heavy water (D2O) and is great for all skin types including acneic. Even skin that breaks out and is congested needs hydration!
  4. If you haven’t tried our new LaLicious line, now is the time. They have amazing Body Butters, Sugar Scrubs and Whipped soaps. All of these products leave the skin moist and soft all day long….no kidding! I am surprised every time. This is a great product that really conditions the skin. Try the sugar souffles and experience how soft your skin is from the oils left on the skin after you rinse. Even without lotion….
  5. Drink warm/hot decaffeinated beverages. This time of year its difficult to consume a lot of cold water and we really should keep things on the warmer side this time of year. My acupuncturist says that to keep cold and wind out of the body drink warming teas. Ginger, cardamom, clove, and Cinnamon is your prefect Chi tea combination. Drink as much as you can without caffeine to internally hydrate the system.
  6. Switch your sunblock! Those of you who use Reflect or Serious protection would benefit from replacing that with Hydrate +. This is our sunblock moisturizer. It is an spf 17 which is adequate for this time of year, but has additional moisturizing benefits.
  7. Take a warm bath with a few drops of Pure Castor oil or sesame oil to leave the skin with moisture when you leave the water. An Ayurvedic healing technique is to oilate the back of the neck underneath the hair line, with a little sesame oil. This time of year is considered the Vata season and this helps protect the body from getting the common cold and flu.
  8. Give yourself an at home mask with Rescue – a great Cosmedix skin healing balm and mask. This mask can be left on the skin overnight or a thin layer can be applied under your sun protection when the skin is really dry or chapped. I love Rescue and the smell is fantastic! Willow bark, willow herb and my favorite cherry bark!

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