Societe Intense Firming aka “Botox in A Bottle”

Societe clinical skin care’s “Intense Firming Complex” is a specially designed formula to act as “Botox in a Bottle” in a natural non-botulism way.
Peptides that contain “Neuro/Toxin-Like” Peptides, will act as muscle relaxing agents that over time will mimic similar effects of Botox. There are actually many different types of peptides, that cause similar but also unique effects to the skin, such as relaxing neuro toxin like peptides, anti-puffiness peptides, and collagen stimulating peptides. Societe Intense Firming Complex will stimulate collagen while relaxing the active muscles that cause premature wrinkles and the appearance of aging. Within minutes of using you will see an immediate tightening affect to the skin, thus giving you hope that natural skin care does in fact exist. This product should be used after your Societe clinical prep spray.

Societe Intense Firming can be found at THEA Sacramento on 910 21st street or online at

• Includes the most advanced mega doses of Peptides & Antioxidants available.

• Reduce wrinkles by reducing muscle contractions with “Neuro/Toxin-Like” Peptides.

• Firms & rejuvenates skin with Collagen Boosting Peptides.

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